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Cape Town Half Day Swim with Seals in the Wild

The Cape Fur Seals 

Fur seals are most active and abundant in the heat of Cape Town's summer. 

Cape Fur seals occur naturally on islands around the southern African coast and

are found nowhere else in the world. 

Duiker Island in Hout Bay is home to about 5 000 seals and lies within the

Karbonkelberg marine protected area, part of Table Mountain National Park, 

Cape Town. 

Day Tour:  Swimming with Seals in the Wild: 

R1600 Per Person

Return Pickup anywhere in Cape Town

We partner with one of two great Experienced Operators one in the Western Cape Town and another in the Eastern Cape A exciting Boat Ride out followed by the fantastic opportunity to snorkel with hundreds of playful Cape Fur seals.  

These Fur seals are not fed or trained, they behave naturally and interact with snorkelers and Scuba divers on their own terms. 

Visitors can always see seals in the water. 

This is a wildlife adventure that brings you mask-to-whisker with playful and inquisitive wild animals in their natural habitat.

Seal Snorkeling is possible September till May. 

The most consistent and warmest weather conditions occur from December to February. Snorkeling during mid-March and April is great as the seal pups have just learnt to swim and enter the water to play. 

Seal Snorkeling in The Cape is one of the ultimate wildlife experience for the adventurous.